AccueTrust Security, Inc. acquired by Zentra Computer Technologies, Inc.


Northern Edge is pleased to announce the acquisition of AccueTrust Securities, Inc. by Zentra Computer Technologies, Inc.

“We are thrilled to be expanding Zentra’s portfolio of divisions. Zentra’s growth has been staggering over the years; with the addition of AccueTrust we will broaden our Enterprise reach and advance all aspects of our business. The fast expanding security market is an excellent augmentation to our expanding IT Data Center business, I am excited with the possibility of working integrated solutions with the combined customer and supplier base” Scott Wagner, the founder of Zentra.

AccueTrust founder, Bali Manji, commented, “This was a very strategic decision for AccueTrust. Zentra’s proven expertise in virtualization in the data center combined with AccueTrust’s best of breed network security practice delivers a natural progression to securing the virtual environment. This is key to the future of our customer’s data protection needs. I believe that Zentra’s vision and culture truly match my goal of continuing to offer the value added services that our customers are accustomed to.”

Zentra was founded in 1991 and has enjoyed growth of greater than 25% in 15 out of 18 years in business; and profitability in 16 out of 18 years (including all of the past five years). Integrations of companies have been one of the growth engines for Zentra with acquisitions of Alpine Computers in 1998, TrueData in 2000 and in 2001. Today Zentra is a leader in Canadian Enterprise deployments.

AccueTrust was founded in 2006 with the objective of providing best of breed network security. As a high growth company, AccueTrust is now a proven leader in the Canadian market. AccueTrust’s success has been driven by a straight forward philosophy: understand best of breed network security technologies, products and services that deliver the solutions that are strategically important to the future of our customers.

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