What We Do

Our Approach - Our Approach

Our Approach

With decades of remarkable experience, we offer singular expertise in advising owners of private businesses. Our intentional focus is – and always has been – guiding our clients towards their individual definition of success, with certainty and steadfast support along the entire journey.





Our work begins with you. We treat each of our client’s business as unique and to fully understand your business, we start with an honest, open conversation. We review your strengths, your competitive advantages and financial profile to assess how best to position your business for prospective purchasers. But we also rigorously search for potential issues so we can address them before they are used by a purchaser to your disadvantage.


While we have completed countless successful transactions, many of our clients have not. Success is measured entirely against what you want to achieve. Our team of seasoned experts combines imagination and experience, collaborating with you to define an optimal outcome. Then we establish a customized transaction strategy to achieve your goals.


The road to a successful transaction can be long and inevitably the unexpected will happen during the journey. Our mindset is to be prepared to refine our strategy as necessary and take thoughtful and decisive steps to solve all potential issues we may face.


As your dedicated partner with a long term view, we are exclusively focused on working in your best interests. We are not necessarily convinced that the first proposal is the best proposal, nor are we satisfied in only achieving market terms. We remain by your side for the duration and are patient but relentless advocates working to achieve success for you.

Who are our clients?

We are engaged by a broad range of parties considering a transaction:

  • Business owners

  • Corporates, public and private

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Families

  • Founders

  • Individual shareholders

  • Institutional shareholders

  • Private Equity firms

  • Trusts and Estates

  • Venture Capital firms

transaction types - transaction types

On what types of transactions are we engaged?

We work on a broad range of strategic transactions:

  • Capital raisings, both debt and equity

  • Divestitures of subsidiaries or divisions

  • Full or partial exit from the business

  • Joint ventures

  • Mergers

  • Minority equity investments

  • Sales of all or a portion of the equity interests of a company

  • Sales of all or a portion of the assets of a company

* We will undertake buyside engagements under certain circumstances, including at the special request of clients.

What services do we provide?

While each engagement is customized, we manage virtually all aspects of the transaction process*:

*  Our services specifically do not include the provision of legal, taxation, accounting, or other specialist services or advice outside of our area of expertise.
  • Developing a strategy for a potential transaction in collaboration with our clients
  • Responding to unsolicited interest regarding a potential transaction
  • Advising on the consideration and analysis of a transaction
  • Performing a business and financial review of the company
  • Advising on measures to be undertaken in preparation for approaching prospective purchasers or investors
  • Assisting in the development of a business plan and financial projections
  • Preparing marketing materials to be distributed to prospective purchasers or investors
  • Developing a list of potential purchasers or investors, including strategic and financial parties
  • Contacting potential purchasers or investors in connection with a potential transaction and leading the subsequent discussions
  • Soliciting and qualifying proposals for a potential transaction
  • Advising in the negotiations regarding the financial terms of a potential transaction
  • Coordinating, as reasonably requested, activities of other professionals, such as legal counsel and accountants, to complete actions necessary to consummate a transaction.


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