It is our firm view, grounded in a wealth of experience derived from completing hundreds of transactions, that the most crucial element in the sale of a business is the preparation. Please consider our guidebooks if you’re curious about what an exit could mean, what the process involves, or what steps you can be undertaking today.

The 8 Keys to Getting the Best Price -

01 The 8 Keys to Getting the Best Price

Selling a business is often the biggest financial transaction in an entrepreneur’s life and, usually one that sellers are unfamiliar with. Although much has been written on the topic, the best of it is based on real deal-making experience.

At Northern Edge, we believe that selling a company is not just an accounting or legal matter, but, first and foremost, must be a very proactive sales and marketing matter.

Rooted in this belief, the principles discussed in this eBook have been extensively proven over our extensive history selling companies.

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Company Sale Primer - Company Sale Primer

02 Company Sale Primer

Whether or not you plan to own your business for the long term, there are always steps to creating more value, especially after you have decided to move on.

This informative ebook will give you the tools you need to start planning for a successful transition as well as insights into the mindset of both sellers and buyers, answers to your most frequent questions, along with some of our clients’ stories.

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The Basics of Business Valuation - The Basics of Business Valuation

03 The Basics of Business Valuations: What Matters and Why

What is your company worth?

This simple question certainly does not have a simple answer.

Our no-nonsense eBook will reveal the different calculations and valuation methods a potential buyer may use when making an offer for your business, and how the financial and nonfinancial qualities of your business affect its value.

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