BioMedCom Consultants, Inc. joins The LA-SER Group


The acquisition of BioMedCom Consultants allows LA-SER Group to expand its presence in Canada, complementing U.S. strategic consulting offering.

New York, NY (June 27, 2012) – Northern Edge is proud to announce the successful completion of BioMedCom Consultants, Inc. to LA-SER Group. BioMedCom is a consulting firm specializing in the application of health outcomes and economic research headquartered in Montreal, QC. The transaction was led by Brian Mihelic and supported by Kyle Wilson and Joseph Okeyo from the New York Office. Northern Edge represented BioMedCom Consultants, Inc. as its exclusive advisor.

“We are excited to soon join together with the LA-SER Analytica teams to grow our service offering in North America. This merger supports our overall mission to advance the ethical and effective use of research information in the broad healthcare community, by leveraging our joint expertise,” Dr. Mireille Goetghebeur.

Experienced research scientists and founding members of BioMedCom — Donna Rindress PhD, Mireille Goetghebeur PhD, and Sharon Welner PhD — will continue to offer their hands-on approach to ensure the ongoing high quality and value of all their products that their clients have enjoyed for 16 years. The BioMedCom team concentrates on applied outcomes research, including modeling, systematic and literature reviews, health technology value assessment, multi-criteria approaches, and strategic reimbursement in the Canadian market and globally.

The acquisition of BioMedCom Consultants Inc. will increase LA-SER Group’s existing pharmacoepidemiology research capabilities in the Canadian market to include health outcomes and health economic research, synchronizing with LA-SER’s strong strategic consulting offering in the United States. “The world-class team at BioMedCom is a notable addition to the LA-SER Group of companies. LA-SER now offers a full range of specialist skills in North American strategic consulting and decision analytics. We also continue to grow our renowned team of scientific staff through all of these partnerships, allowing us to support the industry in this changing, forward thinking environment of health product assessment,” Professor Lucien Abenhaim, Chairman of The LA-SER Group.

About BioMedCom Consultants, Inc.

BioMedCom Consultants, Inc. is a contract research organization specializing in the application of health outcomes and health economic research. BioMedCom provides Strategic Application Planning, Applied Research Studies, Briefing Reports, Global Value Dossiers (GVDs), Scientific Presentations and more. BioMedCom is headquartered in Montreal, QC.

About The LA-SER Group

The LA-SER Group provides strategic consulting and scientific research services to the pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech industries. LA-SER’s renowned team is combined of over 200 highly-trained scientific staff, making LA-SER an international leader in the field of population health intelligence. LA-SER is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in eight countries spanning three continents. For more information please visit their official website,

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