How proposed changes to increased capital requirements could affect middle market businesses

Changes to capital requirements could affect middle market businesses -

Northern Edge Founder and President, Bob Goldsmith, recently spoke with Elizabeth Flood of CFO Dive for her article “Why all CFOs need to be prepared for bank capital requirement changes.”

On Monday the Federal Reserve’s vice chair for supervision, Michael Barr, laid out a long-awaited list of potential changes to banks’ capital requirements under which banks with assets of $100 billion or more would have to account for unrealized losses and gains in available-for-sale securities when calculating regulatory capital, CFO Dive sister publication Banking Dive reported.

“When it comes to how finance heads can prepare their businesses and make sure they are financially sound for when these changes come around,” Goldsmith said having a good understanding of your company’s financial health is key, and something outside advisors can help provide.

Read the full article on CFO Dive here:

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