QuEST Global Engineering acquires Beeken TechQuest Ltd, USA and its joint venture, UFT Beeken Engineering Services Private Ltd, India


Acquisition to augment domain knowledge and high level capabilities in Oil & Gas Engineering and delivery footprint in Texas, Oklahoma & Singapore

India, February 24, 2014: QuEST Global, a world leader in diversified engineering solutions has announced the acquisition of Houston headquartered Beeken TechQuest and its Bangalore based arm, UFT Beeken Engineering Services, which is a joint venture of the parent company Beeken. This acquisition is a significant move for QuEST Global in its aims to diversify and consolidate in the Oil and Gas sector.

This strategic acquisition will:

  • Provide access to domain expertise and high level capabilities in upstream Oil & Gas Engineering, supplementing QuEST’s existing capabilities
  • Strengthen the company’s strategic delivery footprint in Texas, Oklahoma and Singapore by leveraging the local-global model
  • Enhance engagement efficiency with existing Oil & Gas customers

Founded in 2004, the privately held Beeken TechQuest headquartered in Houston, Texas provides engineering services spanning CAD conversions, sustenance engineering, new product development, engineering analysis, rapid prototyping, engineering documentation and reverse engineering.

Beeken TechQuest President BN Murali says, “I am delighted with the acquisition of Beeken TechQuest Ltd, Houston, USA, and its joint venture, UFT Beeken Engineering Services Private Ltd, Bangalore, India, by QuEST Global. The combination of the two companies brings great opportunities for our customers and employees. The Beeken team in US has more than 400 years combined experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, and the Indian group has more than 100 years of combined experience. When this talent pool is leveraged by the extensive global resources of QuEST, that includes its people, Centers of Excellence, Centers of Competencies, its proven processes, and infrastructure, it will create a formidable and competitive service offering in the Oil and Gas industry. Our customers should greatly benefit from this newly created service capability, by outsourcing their non-core activities, while concentrating their skilled resources on the core activity of developing new technology. It is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Commenting on the acquisition Chairman and CEO Ajit Prabhu, QuEST Global said, “We are constantly on the lookout for superior technical and managerial talent to services our customers. Beeken TechQuest enjoys a strong reputation in the Oil & Gas sector with our core customers. This acquisition will strengthen our position in the Oil & Gas vertical as well as our delivery excellence in Texas, Oklahoma and Singapore.”

About QuEST Global Engineering

QuEST Global is a pure play engineering solutions company with a proven track record of 17 years that serves the product development needs of high technology companies with a 4500 strong workforce spread across globally. A pioneer in offshore product development engineering, QuEST Global is one of the largest engineering services provider that cater to diversified verticals.

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