Smartschoolsplus, Inc. has been acquired by Educational Services, Inc.

smartSchoolsPlus, Inc. has been acquired by Educational Services Inc. - smartSchoolsPlus, Inc. has been acquired by Educational Services Inc.

Northern Edge is pleased to announce the recent sale of Smartschoolsplus, Inc. (“smartSchoolsPlus” or the “Company”) to Educational Services, Inc. (“ESI”).

SmartSchoolsPlus is a leading provider of employee staffing solutions for school districts in Arizona through return-to-work programs for retirees as well as substitute outsourcing. The Company is renowned in the market for its expertise and ability to serve its employees and clients and enjoys an excellent reputation for trust, respect, honesty and integrity. The Company’s strong market standing and geographic presence, the compelling dynamics of the industry in which it operates, including the desire for organizations to retain a valued, experienced and skilled workforce, as well as smartSchoolsPlus’ stable and diversified customer profile, made it an attractive acquisition candidate.

Both smartSchoolsPlus and ESI are Arizona-based companies providing employee staffing solutions for school districts through substitute outsourcing, as well as return-to-work programs for retirees. The consolidated experience of these two industry leaders creates an even more effective resource to help address the personnel challenges facing schools. ESI and smartSchoolsPlus share a passion for improving education and impacting the lives of students.

ESI provides employee staffing solutions for school districts, colleges and municipalities. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, ESI designs programs and solutions statewide that benefit both districts and students. Employers turn to ESI to recruit and retain the right talent for any position, which saves them time and minimizes their HR costs.

This transaction, which is the latest among several recent completions advised by Northern Edge, highlights the firm’s expertise in several areas:

  • M&A transaction leadership that facilitated the completion of the deal in the context of a lengthy approval process.
  • Strategic positioning of smartSchoolsPlus, highlighting the synergies created by the combination for the buyer
  • Vital guidance during extensive negotiations to deliver an outcome that satisfies the personal and financial objectives of our client.

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Northern Edge acted as the Exclusive Financial Advisor to Smartschoolsplus, Inc.

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