Carleton Rescue Equipment Limited acquired by Mission Safety Services


New York, NY – Northern Edge is proud to announce the sale of Carleton Rescue Equipment Limited to Mission Safety. Northern Edge acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Carleton Rescue Equipment. The transaction was led by Chris Manfre and supported by Andrew Koczo.

“Northern Edge successfully performed on all of our objectives and expectations with excellence and professionalism,” state the shareholders of Carleton Rescue Equipment Ltd.

Carleton Rescue will join Mission Safety, a privately held Alberta based, expert safety company.

Carleton Rescue Equipment supplies equipment for trained rescue professionals and workers in technical high angle rescue, rope access, fall protection, industrial safety, medical and first aid, water and ice rescue, and confined space entry and egress. Carleton Rescue Equipment stocks a large variety of products from around the world at its retail location, combining all the major rescue and safety manufacturers in one place.

Steve Smith, Founder and President of Mission Safety, commented that he is excited about the possibilities expected from partnership with Carleton. “I am very impressed and encouraged by [Carleton’s] presentation…we can achieve [much] together as a team.”

About Carleton Rescue Equipment Limited

Carleton established its name as a Cycle shop in 1937 and operated as a proprietorship for 35 years. Carleton Cycle Outdoor Recreation was incorporated in 1972 and operated for another 20 years. With an overly crowded Outdoor market, Carleton’s reinvested itself into a Safety and Rescue company.

Carleton Rescue Equipment Limited was incorporated in 1991and is a leading provider of equipment for trained rescue and related products. The company’s clients range from Fire Departments, Search and Rescue Departments, Police, E.M.S, Military, Coast Guard, general industry, and the film industry, among others across North America. Carleton Rescue is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information please visit,

About Mission Safety Services

Mission Safety Services is a privately held, leading provider of quality, expert safety services setting its industry standard. It specializes in health and safety, water rescue, technical rope rescue, paramedic support services and is recognized for providing the most experienced and highly trained individuals in Canada. Mission Safety is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For additional information please visit,

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