Considering a Sale in the Current Market? Practical Guidance for Private Middle-Market Business Owners

Considering a Sale in the Current Market? - Considering a Sale in the Current Market?

Bob reflects on the impact of current market conditions – including inflation, supply chain disruptions, and a potential recession – on private, middle-market business owners considering a sale. In the piece, he advises business owners to take a holistic and measured view of the factors that could impact a potential sale of their company.

After the past 18 months of exceptionally strong market conditions, private business owners are wondering: Is now still the right time to sell my company? Many are asking my firm this question in the face of myriad external factors that may adversely affect their completing a successful transaction: inflation, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical instability and mounting fears of a recession, to list a few.

The difficulty in answering this “now or later” question relates to the particular uncertainty we have at present in predicting future market conditions. Specifically, will there be a recession, and if so, for how long? How will tightening credit markets and a bear equity market impact buyer interest in acquiring private companies and the valuation of companies that are sold?

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