Middle Market Dealmaking 2023 Outlook

Middle Market Growth Article -

Northern Edge Founder and President, Bob Goldsmith, recently spoke to Anastasia Donde of Middle Market Growth for her article, “Dealmaking in the Year Ahead”.

Middle Market Growth’s Multiples report published in December offered data and perspectives from sources pointing to slower deal activity in 2023 because of softening market conditions.

The last quarter of 2022 already showed some of that expected slowdown—with sponsors seeing less deal flow from banks, lenders being increasingly cautious about which loans they take on, auctions taking longer to close and companies being more meticulous about getting their house in order before going to market.

“Bankers tend to focus on continued market strength while private equity is talking about a readjustment on pricing,” says Bob Goldsmith, founder and president at Northern Edge Advisors, a New York-based lower middle-market investment bank.

Read the full article on Middle Market Growth here: https://middlemarketgrowth.org/dealmaker-dealmaking-year-ahead/

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