Northern Edge’s Winning Streak Continues with Several Deal of the Year Awards for 2023

Phil Gavey accepts Northern Edge award during the 2023 ceremony - Phil Gavey accepts Northern Edge award during the 2023 ceremony
2023 M&A Advisor Awards winner logo - 2023 M&A Advisor Awards winner logo

We are delighted to announce that Northern Edge Advisors has once again been recognized as a winner by the M&A Advisor in two important categories: Materials Deal of the Year (Over $100 million transaction value) and Cross-border Deal of the Year ($10 – $50 million).

In addition, this year we were also a finalist for Investment Bank of the Year and seven other transaction categories.

The two award-winning transactions highlight several of the Firm’s key differentiators: our international approach to buyer identification, dedication to solving the most complex family-owned business issues, and our steadfast commitment to standing by our clients through all types of challenges. In addition, these two awards further solidify the Firm’s leadership position in middle market M&A.

Bob Goldsmith, President and Co-Founder of Northern Edge Advisors, attended the Gala ceremony at The New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, November 15th and commented, “Within a short period after launching our new brand, our team’s expertise and commitment to delivering the best outcome for North American business owners has once again been recognized. It is an honor to accept these awards on behalf of the Firm and to celebrate these wins with my colleagues.”

The acquisition of our client E. Tetz & Sons, Inc. by Peckham Industries, Inc. won Materials Deal of the Year (Over $100 million transaction value).

E. Tetz & Sons, Inc. (“Tetz”) was founded in 1956. While remaining family-owned for 70 years, Tetz has grown to become a leading construction materials supplier in New York State, specializing in aggregates, asphalt and ready-mix concrete and operating numerous quarries and state-of-the-art plants.

Northern Edge Advisors worked closely with several family constituencies across different generations that were not initially aligned on the priorities of a potential sale to explain the transaction benefits and address individual concerns. In this regard, we designed a tailored process focused on achieving the post-closing objectives of certain family members and on maintaining confidentiality to address our client’s serious concerns about the adverse impact if their employees or customers became aware of the process.

We contacted a targeted list of potential strategic buyers who would recognize the compelling aspects of this unique company and have the management capabilities to operate Tetz and preserve its legacy. Several parties submitted proposals, and after further diligence, including management presentations and site tours, Peckham Industries, Inc. prevailed and ultimately acquired Tetz.

Josh Klein accepts Northern Edge award during the 2023 ceremony - Josh Klein accepts Northern Edge award during the 2023 ceremony

The acquisition of our client Golden Max LLC by Sanitas USA II, Inc., a subsidiary of Keralty S.A.S. won Cross-border Deal of the Year ($10 – $50 million transaction value).

Golden Max LLC (d/b/a Optimal Healthcare Solutions) (“Optimal” or the “Company”) offers alternate source vending, master distribution services and supply chain initiatives to medical supply partners and distributors.

Northern Edge Advisors was engaged prior to the pandemic, with a mandate to secure a complete exit for the owner, who was not actively involved in management of the business. Recognizing Optimal’s potential as a growth vehicle for an international buyer seeking to expand its North American network, we approached  a broad list of international prospective purchasers and ultimately recommended that the Company proceed with Sanitas USA (“Sanitas”), a subsidiary of Keralty S.A.S., a privately-held Spanish enterprise healthcare company.  Our team of experts successfully articulated the combination benefits to Sanitas and were instrumental in navigating exhaustive cross-border examination from their  regulatory counsel. Sanitas ultimately completed the acquisition by providing a superior valuation for the Company with attractive incentive awards for key management.

“The award recipients represent the best in the mergers and acquisitions industry this past year and earned these honors by standing out in a group of extremely impressive finalists,” said Roger Aguinaldo, Founder and CEO of The M&A Advisor. “Ranging from large multi-billion dollar deals to middle market deals, we are recognizing the leading transactions, firms, and individuals that represent the highest levels of accomplishment.”

M&A Advisor Awards 2023 winners - M&A Advisor Awards 2023  winners

This is the 8th consecutive year that Northern Edge Advisors has been recognized for outstanding work on behalf of our clients.  A few highlights of our recent dealmaking awards include:

The M&A Advisor Awards are presented annually and are determined by a panel of leading industry veterans.

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